How Releaseit Works

Whether you are an individual looking to list personal items to earn some extra cash, a rental business looking to utilise our platform, or you are ready to rent, here is all you need to know about being an owner and a seeker on Releaseit! 

Why use Releaseit?

  • For the environment - because you’re reusing rather than wasting
  • For your wallet - because you can earn some extra cash from stuff you already own
  • For the fun of it - because by accessing the latest and greatest brands for a fraction of the cost of ownership, you’ll be unlocking a world of experiences - from skiing to Djing 


Releaseit Community


Owners are anyone who lists products on the Releaseit website. Here are a few things you need to know before you get started:


How do I list a product?

Simply click ‘list item’ on the homepage. You’ll be prompted to upload good quality images of your item (we recommended landscape orientation), along with the item location, category, condition and any tags to make it easier for people to find your item e.g #dress #size12 Remember to add a detailed description and any rules for your rental. Finally, set the price and availability, add your payout method, then publish it to go live! 


What fees are involved? 

The listing fee is Zip. Zero. Nada. That’s right, it’s free to list products on Releaseit. Which means you’re free to list as many products as possible to maximise your earning potential and reduce overall planetary consumption. We do charge a 20% commission from each rental transaction. This goes to paying our staff, maintaining our platform, and supporting our customers. Without it we’d go broke, and that wouldn’t be much fun!


How does your booking system work?

Seekers will be able to see your item’s availability via a handy calendar on the item page. They’ll be able to send you a ‘booking request’ for their desired rental dates. Then, you will be notified of booking requests based on your notification preferences (via email or text). When you go to your account > manage bookings, you’ll be able to see all your booking requests (including requested booking periods and total $ amount). From here, you can choose to either ‘approve booking’, ‘reject booking’, or ‘message seeker’ for more information.


When will I get my money?

Can’t wait to get your hands on that hard earned cash? Don’t sweat - if no disputes have been made, the due amount will hit your bank account 7 days after the rental period. 



Seekers are anyone who rents an item from an owner off the Releaseit website. Here are a few things you should know before getting started: 


How do I rent something?

Once you've found the item you want to rent, the process is pretty straightforward! Go to our interactive calendar and choose the dates you want - we'll automatically calculate the total rental cost as well as the required refundable deposit. If you’re happy, simply hit ‘request to book’. Once the owner has accepted the request, you can chat to them on our platform to ask any questions and to make arrangements to drop off and pick up the item. 


When will I be charged for the rental?

You will be charged on the day you are scheduled to pick up the rental item, the amount taken from your credit card will include both the leasing fee and the security deposit. If you or the owner cancels the booking prior to the day of pickup, no charges will be made. 


How does the security deposit work?

In order to make Releaseit safe for everyone, the owner is able to set a security deposit that’s collected from you and held by Releaseit for the duration of each rental period. You’ll get this back no less than 7 business days after the end of the rental period and the return of the item(s), unless: there are any outstanding amounts due; the item has not yet been returned (for example, when a rental period is extended by agreement between you and the owner); the item has been lost or damaged; the item has been returned late; there is an ongoing dispute between you and the owner; or you have otherwise breached your obligations under the leasing agreement.  


How do I get my rental item?

We’ll leave it up to you and the owner to decide where to pick up or drop off the rental item. When you meet with the owner, we suggest taking photographs of the item to ensure you have proof of the item’s condition and existing damage before your lease begins. 


Rental Businesses


Rental businesses can also be owner’s on Releaseit by partnering with us and listing items on our website. If you are a business wanting to join Releaseit: please contact our sales team at sales@releaseit.com.au for more information.



How do I know if I am renting from a rental business? 

If you are redirected to another website when you select an item on Releaseit, this means it is a listing from an external rental business. 


How do I rent from a rental business?

If you decide to rent an item from an external rental business, you will have to follow that brand's terms and conditions to proceed with the rental.


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