What’s Releaseit? 

We’re an online rental marketplace that aims to disrupt retail consumerism on behalf of the planet. We believe that the idea of acquiring more stuff at the expense of Mother Earth isn’t just old-fashioned - it’s out of fashion. That owning things that don’t get used isn’t just wasteful, it’s harmful. That old consumerist rules are calling out to be broken and replaced with a circular economy, in which we all buy less and borrow more. 

How does Releaseit work? 

Think of Releaseit like the eBay of rentals. To get access to the best range of rental items, you can either rent stuff from members of your community (peers, neighbours, local businesses etc.) or from existing rental businesses.  If you rent from members of your community, the rental agreement will happen on the Releaseit platform (choose your dates, message the owner and pay). If you click on a product and are redirected to another website, this means you're renting an item from a trusted rental business. Your lease will be organised through this rental company and will follow their terms and conditions. 

The simple version: Rent stuff. Rent out your stuff. Earn money. Have fun. Protect the planet. 

What’s Releaseit good for? 

For the environment - because you’re reusing rather than wasting. For your wallet - because you can earn some extra cash from stuff you already own. For the fun of it – because by accessing the latest and greatest brands for a fraction of the cost of ownership, you’ll be unlocking a world of experiences - from skiing to DJing. 

Do you verify members of the Releaseit community? 

No one likes getting scammed, tricked or robbed. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stripe to make our community as safe and secure as possible. We use Stripe to verify all members of our community before they can successfully list or rent an item - so you know you’re dealing with a legitimate, verified human being. In order to verify your identity, Stripe will ask you for a few personal details and request to see some ID (passport or driver’s licence). Stripe’s systems are built with privacy top of mind, making sure your data is secure. 

Is it safe to share my information on Releaseit? 

Talking to strangers has never been safer. But whilst most transactions on Releaseit will be safe and hassle free, we do ask you to not share your personal information in your rental listings (e.g. writing your phone number in the description when you list an item) as this will put you at risk of scams. It’s advised that all messaging takes place through Releaseit’s messaging system and we recommend only giving out your personal information when it comes time to exchange goods.  

We treat your personal information like we treat our own mothers, and seek to protect it from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. For more information, please click here to access our privacy policy. 

Who are ‘owners’? 

Everyone who 'lists' a product on our site is an owner. There are two types of owners: community owners (this could be your neighbour) and existing rental businesses. There are separate T&Cs for community owners here and existing rental businesses here

Who are ‘seekers’? 

Seekers are those who rent items from owners, whether that’s members of the community on our platform or from an existing rental business. There are separate T&Cs for community seekers here and existing rental businesses here


Releaseit Community 




How do I list a product? 

Simply click ‘list item’ on the homepage. You’ll be prompted to upload good quality images of your item (we recommended landscape orientation), along with the item location, category, condition and any tags to make it easier for people to find your item e.g #dress #size12 Remember to add a detailed description and any rules for your rental. Finally, set the price and availability, add your payout method, then publish it to go live! 

How much should I list my items for? 

You’re the boss – so this is completely up to you! It's a good idea to compare your rental listing to other listings of the same or similar products already online. We recommend trying 10-20% of the items RRP as the daily charge rate. So if your kayak is $100, try $10-20 per day. You can always change it later on. 

Are there any restrictions as to what I can list? 

List your rocking horse, not your real horse. In a bid to keep the Releaseit experience fun and safe for everyone, we don’t allow poor quality goods, illegal goods, goods that can harm others, items that aren't legal in your state, perishable items and, you guessed it, animals. 

How does your booking system work? 

Seekers will be able to see your item’s availability via a handy calendar on the item page. They’ll be able to send you a ‘booking request’ for their desired rental dates. Please note - this is just a request and will not be confirmed until you accept the booking. 

How do I accept a booking?

You will be notified of booking requests based on your notification preferences (via email or text). When you go to your account > manage bookings, you’ll be able to see all your booking requests (including requested booking periods and total $ amount). From here, you can choose to either ‘approve booking’, ‘reject booking’, or ‘message seeker’ for more information.

Can I pause a listing? 

Going away? Or just CBA? By clicking ‘Manage Listings’ in your account, you’ll see each listing’s ‘status’ (whether it's live or booked), and will be able to temporarily pause listings so they don't appear as live on the site (you might want to block out certain periods for example when you're on holiday, or when you want to use the item yourself for a change).  

Can I cancel a rental? 

As an owner, you can cancel a booking at any time (‘My Account’ > ‘Manage Listings’ > ‘Cancel Booking’) and the full leasing fee will be refunded to the seeker. But, like most things in life, there are rules attached. Each time you cancel without a valid reason, you'll be given a strike which will be recorded on your account. Three strikes and you’re out – well, off the site anyway. For this reason, when listing items we recommend that you leave at least one hour between rental arrangements in order to reduce the risks of you having to cancel a booking. Trust us, it’s for everyone’s benefit. 

What happens when I accept a booking request? 

Congratulations, the booking is secured and you’re about to make some money! Now you can contact the seeker to arrange the pickup of your item. 

What if my rental item gets stolen, damaged or lost? 

Protect yourself and your belongings by taking photos of your item pre-rental so that you have evidence of their condition (selfies optional of course). If your rental item is not returned (lost) or returned to you damaged, you must report it within 5 business days and submit photographs of the new damage.  

Any dispute between you and a seeker in relation to the damage and loss caused to the item will be dealt with in accordance with our Dispute Resolution Policy that you can read more about here. Please note, if you have decided to take your rental transaction off the platform (e.g. renting your item directly to a seeker instead of using Releaseit) you will not be covered by Releaseit’s terms and conditions and we will unfortunately not be able to intervene if your product gets stolen, damaged or lost. 

Do you charge a listing fee? 

Zip. Zero. Nada. That’s right, it’s free to list products on Releaseit. Which means you’re free to list as many products as possible to maximise your earning potential and reduce overall planetary consumption. So what are you waiting for? Get listing! 

Do you take commission? 

Yes, Releaseit takes a 20% commission fee from each rental transaction. This goes to paying our staff, maintaining our platform, and supporting our customers. Without it we’d go broke, and that wouldn’t be much fun!

How do I lodge a dispute with the seeker? 

Go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Manage Bookings’ > select the booking and click ‘Dispute’. Any disputes will be dealt with as outlined in our dispute resolution policy.

When will I get my money? 

Can’t wait to get your hands on that hard earned cash? Don’t sweat - If no disputes have been made, we will transfer you the due amount after 7 days. 

I am a local business interested in using the Releaseit platform and have a lot of stock to upload. Can you help? 

You betcha! Try doing a mass item upload by importing a CSV file. Otherwise, if you're a business and need support with this please contact one of our helpful sales executives at sales@releaseit.com.au 




How do I know if I am renting from the Releaseit Community as opposed to a Rental Business? 

If you click on an item and are re-directed to another website, you have chosen to browse an item from a rental business. Sometimes you will be able to tell if you are browsing a rental business item as their profile picture will be their business logo. If you click on a Releaseit Community rental item, you will stay on the Releaseit site and will be able to request to book on our platform. 

How do I rent something? 

Once you've found the item you want to rent, the process is pretty straightforward! Go to our interactive calendar and choose the dates you want - we'll automatically calculate the total rental cost as well as the required refundable deposit. If you’re happy, simply hit ‘request to book’. Once the owner has accepted the request, you can chat to them on our platform to ask any questions and to make arrangements to pick up and drop off the item. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

No bitcoin (yet!) We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. 

When will I be charged for the rental? 

You will be charged on the day you are scheduled to pick up the rental item, the amount taken from your credit card will include both the leasing fee and the security deposit. If you or the owner cancels the booking prior to the day of pickup, no charges will be made. 

How does the security deposit work? 

In order to make Releaseit safe for everyone, the owner is able to set a security deposit that’s collected from you and held by Releaseit for the duration of each rental period. You’ll get this back no less than 7 business days after the end of the rental period and the return of the item(s), unless: there are any outstanding amounts due; the item has not yet been returned (for example, when a rental period is extended by agreement between you and the owner); the item has been lost or damaged; the item has been returned late; there is an ongoing dispute between you and the owner; or you have otherwise breached your obligations under the leasing agreement.  

How do I cancel a booking? 

Cancel culture. We get it. You can cancel for free anytime until 24 hours before the start of your booking by clicking on the ‘Cancel booking’ button in your account. If you cancel after that, you’ll need to pay the full agreed leasing fee, unless the last-minute cancellation is due to unforeseen events beyond your control (as outlined here in our T&Cs). 

How do I get my rental item? 

We’ll leave it up to you and the owner to decide where to pick up or drop off the rental item. When you meet with the owner, we suggest taking photographs of the item to ensure you have proof of the item’s condition and existing damage before your lease begins. 

Can I extend my booking? 

Who says the good times have to come to an end? If during your rental period you would like to extend the leasing arrangement, you must submit a new offer to lease the item for the additional period through the Releaseit website before the scheduled end of the initial rental period. This new offer, if accepted, will be considered a separate rental period, meaning you’ll pay the additional agreed leasing fee and security deposit. 

What happens if I accidentally break or lose the rental item? 

Accidents happen, right? If the damage or loss of the item was caused by you, we will make a claim on part or all of the security deposit. If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the entirety of the damage or loss, the outstanding amount will be processed using the payment details that you provided to us. So it’s important to ensure that your payment details hold the necessary funds to cover this outstanding payment. In the event we can’t process your payment details, you must seek to resolve the matter directly with the owner.  

How do I lodge a dispute with the owner? 

Go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Rental History’ > find the booking and click ‘Dispute’. Any disputes will be dealt with as outlined in our dispute resolution policy.

What if I am late returning a rental item? 

We’re not all built to run like swiss trains. If you’re likely to be late returning your item, we ask that you communicate with the owner as early as possible, since you might incur late fees. 


Rental Businesses


I'm a business looking to use Releaseit's marketplace. What should I do? 

If you're a business looking to list your items on Releaseit, please contact our sales team at sales@releaseit.com.au for an information pack. 

Why is my business on Releaseit? 

If you see your business on Releaseit and you haven’t organised this with us, please contact our sales team at sales@releaseit.com.au to do so. 




How does renting from a commercial partner work? 

We partner with heaps of amazing brands to bring you the best range of rentals. If you choose to transact with one of our featured Releaseit partners, your transaction will follow their terms and conditions.