Cancellation Policy

This Cancellation Policy outlines how cancellations of leasing arrangements are dealt with on: 

 (collectively, the Site). 

The Site contains a range of products. We have implemented a single cancellation policy that will apply to all products/ goods that are available for lease from P2P Owners on the Site. 

Set out below are the terms that will apply to cancellations that are initiated by P2P Owners or P2P Seekers.

Cancellations initiated by P2P Seekers

If a P2P Seeker cancels a leasing arrangement (booking), the following cancellation policy will apply.

  • Free cancellation until 11:59pm (in the state or territory of the P2P Owner) the day before the start of the booking (based on the scheduled commencement time shown on the booking confirmation)
  • After that, any cancellation will incur the full agreed leasing fee contemplated under the leasing arrangement (details per the booking confirmation)

Cancellations initiated by P2P Owners

If a P2P Owner cancels a booking at any time:

  • the full leasing fee will be refunded to the P2P Seeker; and
  • the P2P Owner will be given a strike which will be recorded against its account. If a P2P Owner receives three strikes, they will have their account removed from the Site.

If you are a P2P Owner, we recommend that you have at least one hour between leasing arrangements in order to reduce the risks of you having to cancel a booking.

How can a party notify the other party of a cancellation?

Notification of a cancellation must be made through the Site by clicking on the ‘Cancel booking’ button in your account.

What happens if the cancellation is initiated as a result of extenuating circumstances?

In the certain circumstances where either a P2P Owner or P2P Seeker is forced to cancel a leasing arrangement because of unforeseen events that are beyond their control (which have arisen after the booking was made) that make it impracticable or illegal to complete a leasing arrangement:

  • the leasing fees will be returned to the P2P Seeker (in full); 
  • (if the party cancelling is a P2P Owner) the P2P Owner will not be given a strike; and
  • (if the party cancelling is a P2P Seeker) the P2P Seeker will not incur any additional fees.

Extenuating circumstances may include cancellations of leasing arrangements that have arisen as a direct result of: 

  • natural disasters;
  • changes to Government travel restrictions;
  • declared emergencies, pandemics and epidemics; or
  • acts of war, terrorism or civil unrest. 

If either a P2P Owner or P2P Seeker has extenuating circumstances that has caused them to cancel a leasing arrangement, the parties must seek to work together to decide whether the circumstances were in fact extenuating. If the P2P Seeker and P2P Owner are unable to agree, either party may lodge a dispute in accordance with our Dispute Resolution Policy, however, this must be done within two business days from the scheduled commencement time shown on the booking confirmation.

Changes to this policy

We may change this policy from time to time or as the need arises, though these changes will only apply from the date that they are published – this means that the version of this policy that applies to a particular cancellation is the version of the policy that was current at the time the leasing arrangement was cancelled. 

We will post any changes to this policy on our website.

This policy was last updated on 1 October 2021.