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Premium Helium & Balloons Kit - 100

Pick up from drummoyne NSW 2047

From $30 / day

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This kit includes plain coloured, metallic or pearl 11” latex balloons, clips and ribbons. Balloon and ribbon colours of your choice! This kit includes plain colour balloons only, upgrade individual plain balloons to print balloons for an extra 50 cents each. In addition to the kit price, a $100 bond is required upon collection of your kit. The bond is refunded upon return of the tank and the regulator being in working order. It is our policy that our staff instruct you on using your tank and regulator. Prior to leaving the store we will ensure that the tank is full and that your regulator is in working order. Bond can be paid in cash or via debit or credit card. Please note that whichever form you choose to pay your bond, the bond will be refunded in the same form e.g. if you pay a cash bond, your bond will be returned in cash, if you pay via credit/debit card your bond will be returned to that card only. You must call our stores on 95292133 to make a booking for a helium tank, please book approximately 3 days prior to your event so that we can ensure that we have a tank available for you. Please note: When traveling with the tank, please ensure the regulator is not attached as this may cause damage to the regulator. Helium tank hire price is set for a 5 day period, please return your helium tank to our store within this time or extra fees may apply.