What Can I Rent From Releaseit?

Published 15 February 2022

What Can I Rent From Releaseit?

So I hear you’re interested in the circular economy. You’re intrigued by our mission to disrupt retail consumerism on behalf of the planet. And you’re even more excited about earning and saving a bit of cash too. If you’ve had enough of buying more stuff at the expense of mother earth, then it’s time to start renting from Releaseit. It’s time to move away from the linear economy and into a world of buying less and borrowing more.

Borrow More From Releaseit

Bringing together individuals and rental businesses, our platform offers a new way to access the goods you want and need without having to fork out the recommended retail price. Instead, item seekers can borrow what they need from item owners for a fraction of the cost.

Our platform operates around two groups: the Releaseit Community - any individual who lists products on our website - and Rental Businesses - external rental companies that list their items on our website. 

While both rental groups appear across our platform, if you select an item from a rental business, you’ll be redirected to their website to complete the transaction according to their terms and conditions. Releaseit offers products from over 50 rental businesses, including Glamhub, Royal Car Hire, Your Secret Closet, Rent a Garden, and so much more. 

But what’s available? What’s on the menu? We’re glad you asked. Releaseit hosts items across a range of categories. Ordered alphabetically, here’s a quick rundown: Baby & Kids, Fashion, Furniture, Garden & Tools, Home, Office & Storage, Party & Events, Sports & Recreation, Technology and Vehicles.

For now, we’ll take you through some of our key categories with examples of what you can rent from Releaseit. 


From Gucci to Saint Laurent and a touch of Dior, you can borrow to your hearts galore with Releaseit Fashion. Working alongside the home of luxury, Glam Hub, you can accessorise your next outing with stunning designer bags and crystal Chanel earrings. You can hit up Your Secret Closet for silk linen dresses or a cotton maxi maternity dress from Mama Rentals. 

But don’t think for one second that fashion is just for the ladies. With Mr Fierze on board, we’ve got men’s designer suits galore, tuxedos, leather weekender bags and plenty of formal accessories. 

And, of course, there are plenty of options from local item owners, like this gorgeous Two Sisters the Label Dress from Jess in Huntfield Heights, South Australia. A stunning boho high low dress, it's a size 14 with no stretch for just $50 a day. How much would it cost brand new? $155. You do the math.

Whether it's dresses, maternity clothes, men’s suits, bags & accessories, or clothes for the little ones, you can Releaseit. 

Garden & Tools

You’ve either got a tool shed filled to the brim with all the power tools you need, or you’re looking to borrow. Either way, there’s a place for you on Releaseit. If you’re the DIY master, you could earn a bit of cash by listing your equipment online. And if you’re that guy that needs to borrow a ladder, you can do that too.

Get everything you need to transform your backyard over the weekend with plenty of power tools from The Tool Store, including Makita electric belt sanders, Hitachi Shears and Husqvarna tile saws.

Releaseit also caters to those with a green thumb, with plant rentals from Rent a Garden, alongside gardening equipment from snaffle and essential appliance rentals. Renting plants is a great way to spice up your living space for special events and other social gatherings. 

Then there are the big jobs that require much bigger equipment. That’s where our buddies from Allcott Hire come into play. You can hire loaders, air compressors, diesel generators, telehandlers, and so much more, all in one place.

As for the local item owners, you’ll find all sorts of tools and gardening equipment, like this SCA Heavy Duty Jump Starter from Alex in Burwood, NSW. For just $15 a day, you can use this 12V 2400 Amp 8 Cylinder Heavy Duty Jump Starter to your heart's content. Beats paying $349 for a brand new one.

Baby & Kids

Babies and kids are only young for so long. After a certain period of time, little Jimmy will grow out of his baby capsule, and tiny Tamatha will be too big to fit in their baby swing. And be honest. When will you ever use a baby bottle steriliser after you ween them off?

Releaseit makes raising a family more affordable than ever with all sorts of rental goods for babies and kids. Our rental marketplace offers paRENTAL necessities like prams and strollers and all kinds of nursing and feeding accessories. There’s a treasure chest of toys and games to engage the little ones, alongside cots and beds for a good nights sleep and anything you might need for peaceful travelling with a baby.

Look out for borrowing bargains from the likes of rock-a-bye baby, Hire Choice on the Sunshine Coast, Hire for Baby, tiny tots Toy Hire and so much more. As for local item owners, Kevin is renting out his LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS for $50 a day. Being a retired product, this priceless toy and its 2704 pieces are ready for you and the kids to get building. Or, in his own words, “enjoy the process of building this set without the expense of buying it.”

Party & Events

Our favourite party and event rentals, and we think you’ll agree, are those from Reality Games. Ever wanted to hire a pinball machine for your next shindig? There are even themed arcade machines, from AC/DC to Deadpool and Game of Thrones. Or go analogue with some classic party games.

For our second favourite rental, Harrythehirer offers Chameleon service bars for the responsible service of alcohol in style. Use your own logo, or choose from their extensive range of finishes. 

Now that everyone has a drink, then there’s the matter of where everyone will sit. While a kid’s birthday party might involve sitting cross-legged on the floor, renting stools, chairs, benches and tables from Brandition will be a godsend for your guests’ knees. You can even rent a Bell Tent for an outdoor slumber party.

“Anyone got a speaker?” Don’t be that person that hosts a party without speakers. But don’t be that person that dropped a fortune on a Hi-Fi system when they can borrow DJ equipment and lighting from Releaseit with the help of rental businesses like Musicorp Australia. 

Then there’s the headache of trying to find costumes and accessories for Jenny’s dress-up party next weekend. Releaseit has you sorted. Whether you’re an Evil Sorceress or an Airplane Captain, CrackerJack Costumes has an outfit for you. 

And if you’re a fan of darts, Kate from Cammeray NSW is renting out her brand new dartboard up for rent! Elevate your next party with a fun game of darts for just $50 a day. Much cheaper than the $129 you’d have to spend to buy it brand new.

Sports & Recreation 

If you’re looking to get into cycling, Bike On hires offer a range of cycling options, including E-Bikes for inner-city commuting, Mountain Bikes for trail riding, and your standard push bikes for every family member.

Need to improve your golf swing? Or maybe you want to test out a few clubs before you buy. Sportcorp has your back with various golf clubs and accessories available to borrow at affordable rates.

Go kayaking in Melbourne with Sea Kayak Australia, go camping with tents and camping gear from essential rentals, or go wild by renting jet skis from Adelaide Jetski Hire. If that’s a little too fast for you, hire an Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board from Shanz in Geraldton, Western Australia. 


Before talking about all the fantastic technology products you can borrow from Releaseit, you should know why it's one of our most important categories. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum estimates that in 2021 we’ll have dumped a total of 57.4 million tonnes in e-waste. Growing by 2 million tonnes since 2020, Aussie’s effectively threw out the weight of the Great Wall of China last year.

While groups like NSW Circular believe manufacturers should have responsibility for the end-of-life handling of the products they profit from, we reckon we consumers can save a bit of money by renting our technology instead. If you’re looking for a reason as to why renting is better than buying, this is it.

We’ve got mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPads and eBook readers, alongside cameras, audio equipment and the latest in gaming across consoles, handhelds and the PC Masterace. Teaming up with the likes of Teds Cameras, you can borrow a brand new kit - camera body, lenses and recording equipment - for a fraction of the retail price.

Need to edit what you’ve captured? Borrow the brand new 24-inch Apple iMac from essential appliance rentals for just $67.95. That’s a much easier pill to swallow than the starting price of $1,899. If you’re more akin to Windows, there are plenty of options from snaffle like this Microsoft Surface Go 2 or the All-in-One Lenovo IdeaCentre.

Of course, after all that, it’s time to unwind with a bit of gaming. Borrow the latest Xbox Series X for some epic Halo Co-op or a brand new OLED Nintendo Switch for more casual gaming with Mario Party. Maybe you need a new controller, or you’re after a Racing Simulator Cockpit. Whatever you want, you can borrow it from Releaseit. Which is great, because you’ll probably need to borrow a TV too.