Save Money, Hire Snow Gear

Published 1 June 2022

Save Money, Hire Snow Gear

Save Money, Hire Snow Gear

A trip to the snow could mean a lot of planning! You have to organise transport, accommodation and tickets for the chairlift. And that’s before you have to head out to the store to find the right snow gear. Equipment that you might only wear for a few days in the year. 

Whether you’re a skier, a snowboarder or enjoy cross-country walking through the snow, we have a better way to organise your snow trip without paying an arm and a leg to make it happen. 

Our solution: Snow gear hire!

snow gear hire

Why should I rent ski gear? 

  1. Access to the latest premium ski gear
  2. Professional maintenance
  3. Affordable

So, what equipment should I rent?

Parkas & Trousers 

To fully immerse yourself in snow sports, being comfortable in the cold is not only essential; it’s necessary. Choosing the right parka and trousers means seeking out benefits like fully insulated and lightweight, water-resistant material to move around quickly.


Although they look stylish, you should also make sure they keep your hands warm and dry. We recommend opting for polyester gloves with lining in between layers to make sure you’re keeping your hands protected. 


Head protection is arguably one of the most vital pieces of equipment. Make sure you choose a heavy but durable helmet to give you a seamless snow sporting experience, with the added peace of mind you'll be protected if you bump your head. 


Snow goggles protect your eyes from the fog, snow, and wind. After your head, your eyes are up there on the protection list. 

Ensure your goggles fit comfortably on your helmet. You can choose a fogged lens, low light lens, polarised lens, and all light lenses based on your activity. Our snow rental partners would be able to advise you on what type of goggles will suit you. 

Ski poles 

Whichever ski level you are, ski poles are imperative to keep you balanced, push you along on flat planes and navigate steeper inclines. They are a multi-purpose piece of equipment that will stabilise you and help you maintain the motion of skiing. 

snow gear rental

Ski boots 

Ski boots are essential because it’s what fixes you to your skis. You have to make sure you find boots that are flexible, durable, waterproof, and fit your calves and feet to maintain your blood circulation.  


You can’t start skiing if you don’t have the skis to carve those slopes. When you are choosing your skis, you have a couple of options. The shorter the ski, the easier it is to navigate and make sharper turns. 

If you’re looking for something more stable and slower, you should opt for the longer and wider skis. We recommend starting with the longer and broader skis if you are a beginner.

snow gear hire


You can find a vast selection of snowboards in different sizes, colours, and designs. When you’re trying to figure out which snowboard suits you best, choose a board with a height that sits between your nose and your neck. Typically if you’re slope skiing, it’s recommended that you stick to a longer board.

Renting with Releaseit

Don’t stress about not owning snow gear. Start renting it! From quality snow clothing, footwear, snowboard and skis, you’ll find everything you need on Releaseit. And the best part is, it’s all conveniently located online.

Triol Sports Ski & Board

Located in The Arlberg Hotel, the largest single building on Mount Hotham, Victoria, offers free delivery and pick up for those staying outside of The Arlberg.

Price guide: $15 per day for wrist guards to $61 for snowboard and boot hire.

The Base Ski & Snowboard Centre

Supplying snow gear and equipment in the Town Centre of Jindabyne.

Price guide: Toboggans for as low as $10 per day to $80 per day for skiing combo hire packs.

Jindy Snow Hire & Rental Shop

Full range of quality ski and snowboard gear for hire at the Snowy Valley Centre by Mobil, roughly 5 minutes before the main township of Jindabyne.

Price guide: Helmets for $15 per day to performance snowboard hire for $75 per day.

Central Snowsports.

Ski and snowboard equipment at two great locations in Falls Creek.

Price guide: $5 per day for wrist guards to $90 a day for skis, boots and poles.

Skip the drive to that one snow gear store in your suburb. Gain access to the latest equipment without having to shovel cash to make it possible. Start experiencing more, saving money and reducing waste with snow gear rental from Releaseit. Happy skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country walking, alongside anything and everything else you can do during your winter holiday!