Renting Is The New Buy

Published 22 March 2022

Renting Is The New Buy

Why is renting better than buying? 

We’re all trying to do better these days. Whether you’re eating healthy, exercising better, or reading more, there’s so much that we can do to improve our quality of life. However, more often than not, the activities we engage in to be better often require purchasing something new.

While buying a new set of fry pans, a top of the line road bike, or the latest eBook reader can help you achieve your goals, there’s definitely a better way. We’ve already seen how sharing economy services such as Uber, Airbnb, and Camplify have improved our lives, creating “thoughtful consumers” that are increasingly mindful of our spending habits and impact on the environment.

Now, imagine a world where we could share everything else? Well, you don’t have to.

We know you can’t buy something new for every occasion. It’s simply not viable. That’s why we are here to educate you on the benefits of renting over buying.

Protecting our environment 

A staggering 93% of all textile waste in Australia comes from us discarding clothing that we don’t use anymore - making us the second-highest textile consumers in the world per capita. It’s not just the fabrics that go to waste. It takes approximately 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton top. It’s these insane numbers that inspire us to shift away from the ‘retail consumption’ mindset that’s led to planned obsolescence, fast fashion, plastic packaging, and destructive creations. 

At Releaseit, we have created a one-stop rental marketplace for all your belongings. You can rent prams and strollers, dresses, Teslas, and so much more. By renting items, you’re contributing to Australia’s ~$8bn sharing economy through resource utilisation, resulting in less production, less waste, and a reduced environmental impact.

Save money/earn money

As consumers, purchasing new products is the default option in our minds, we seldom consider the possibility of renting items we need. With online shopping delivering goods instantly, we thought, why can’t the same be done with the stuff we already own.

As an item seeker, renting with Releaseit has never been easier. You can access the best brands at the touch of a button without spending a fortune. And when you need that banging new outfit or a camper van for your next getaway–don’t buy it. Rent it

If you are an item owner, there’s so much opportunity to kick-start a new side hustle by renting out your stuff with Releaseit. Don’t let the things you own take up precious storage space. Once you list your items, you’ll automatically join the Releaseit Community, where you can rent your items to your neighbour, your cousin, your mate, or anyone in Australia. 

Whether it’s saving some cash by renting instead of buying or earning money by renting out items you already own, it’s a win-win situation. Think of it this way, you can fork out a thousand dollars on a new season Zimmermann dress OR rent the same dress from Releaseit for a fraction of the price. 

We’ve all been guilty of dropping cash on a spontaneous exxy purchase on the flip side. 

Maybe you thought you had a potential DJ career ahead of you and spent a bit too much on some decks. Only to realise you probably aren’t going to be the next Flume or Dj Tigerlily…ouch. Releaseit allows you to earn some cash back on these ‘questionable’ purchases. With our online marketplace, you could potentially list your item and make back what you spent by renting to others in the community.

Because it’s fun! 

It’s a no-brainer. If you can access the latest and greatest brands for a fraction of the cost of ownership, why wouldn’t you? You’ll be exposed to a world of experiences without all the headache of owning a lot of stuff. We have a range of items available from strollers for your bub, designer dresses, that sofa you want to try before you buy, or that new camera lens you’ve been dying to test out.

We believe that the idea of acquiring more stuff at the expense of Mother Earth isn’t just old-fashioned - it’s out of fashion. Owning things that don’t get used isn’t just wasteful. It’s harmful. That old consumerist rules are meant to be broken and replaced. 

It’s time to embrace the circular economy. It’s time we buy less and reuse more. It’s time we Releaseit!