Why Should You Rent Instead of Buy With Releaseit?

Published 7 March 2022

Why Should You Rent Instead of Buy With Releaseit?

The average price of a brand new car is $45,000. The average taxi fare from the airport to the city is $45. While it may be an extreme comparison, this simple equation is the basic premise of renting instead of buying. At a fraction of the cost of buying something brand new, you can effectively borrow it for the same purpose. 

Then there are the item owners. By renting out the stuff you already have to others in your community, people all over Australia can earn money from items they rarely use. #sidehustle your way to more green with Releaseit and our online marketplace.

We believe that acquiring more stuff at the expense of Mother Earth isn’t just old fashioned - it’s out of fashion. Owning more and more things that don’t get used isn’t just wasteful; it’s harmful. We’re tossing out the old consumerist rules in favour of the circular economy. It’s a world where we buy less and reuse more.

With the help of item owners and some of the industry’s best retail and technical minds, we’re bringing you a sustainable platform that you can trust. 

While our mission is to disrupt retail consumerism, improving your bottom line is the cherry on top. Keep reading to discover how to earn extra cash with what you already have and save money by buying less and borrowing more. 

Earning Money With Releaseit

It’s simple, really. Say you have one of those fancy 4K mirrorless cameras. If it's not in your hands 24/7 or often left on the shelf, it’s just a fancy paperweight. By listing your camera on Releaseit, others can benefit from the capabilities of your belongings while you earn a few extra dollars.

The possibilities are quite literally endless. Turn your wardrobe into a gold mine and start renting out your selection of men’s suits or any of your favourite frocks. Transform your retro collection of video game consoles into a gaming arcade for hire. Or be a friendly neighbour to more than just your neighbours by listing your power tools for others to use for their DIY projects. 

As item owners, the Releaseit Community is your oyster! Join the many other individuals listing their personal items online for some dosh. Find the items you wish to list, add a detailed item description, and then when an item seeker requests to hire it, all you have to do is arrange pick-up and drop off to enjoy the extra cash. 

Saving Money With Releaseit

Every single individual that borrows an item is saving money. Buying less and borrowing more means more money in your pockets for the things that really matter. Why purchase a brand new pram only to have the little ones grow out of it before you can say, toddlers. With Releaseit, you can hire a LUX stroller from one of the many baby Rental Businesses like Brisbane Baby Hire, Mama Rentals and Hire For Baby. Some of the biggest baby brands like Bugaboo prams for example, can cost up to $1500 to buy brand new. 

That’s right! In addition to local Aussie item owners, we’ve teamed up with over 50 Rental Businesses to make renting the stuff you need even more accessible. 

But it’s not just about the things you need. Releaseit is also for having fun. We offer item seekers access to the latest and greatest brands through our platform, unlocking a world of experiences. Hire a kayak, borrow a snowboard, hitch up a caravan, find a yacht to sail on, get into DJ’ing, dress up to the nines with suit hire and dress hire, all without having to pay full price.

Browse our online rental marketplace, request to book the item you want, collect your rental, have an epic experience at a fraction of the cost, then return it!