Calling All Item Owners!

Published 22 February 2022

Calling All Item Owners!

You’ve probably heard the term side hustle thrown around recently. A favourite term amongst entrepreneurial people, these side hustles are just alternative ways to make some extra cash outside of traditional 9 to 5 jobs. 

There are endless reasons for starting a side hustle. Some people want to pay off debts or achieve financial freedom. Others just want to afford that exxy overseas trip or treat themselves to something special. Whatever your reason is, getting that side hustle off the ground is often easier said than done. 

But what if there were an easier way? Releaseit offers side hustle opportunities to both individuals and rental businesses (yes, companies can start side hustles, too!). As item owners on our platform, earn cash by listing your products for rent. 

The two groups of listers on our platform are defined as:

  • Releaseit Community
  • Rental Businesses

PSA! It is super important to understand the difference between Releaseit Community rentals and Rental Businesses, especially if you are an item seeker. Just an FYI (in case you have forgotten) - item seekers are anyone who rents an item from the Releaseit website. 

Releaseit Community

To put it simply, item owners in the Releaseit Community are any individuals who list a product on our website. Releaseit Community rentals could be anyone within Australia - your neighbour, your cousin or even you! If you are an individual looking to list personal items to earn some extra moolah, the possibilities are endless. 

Think of the number of quality products in your home right now that barely get used. Still have the pram (that cost an absolute fortune) that your bub grew out of? Or that tux you bought for the one black-tie event you’ve had in the last two years? How often do you actually use that surfboard or breadmaker you purchased in lockdown? With so much potential for product rentals, it’s time to get side hustling and start listing on Releaseit!

Rental Businesses 

Alternatively, Rental Businesses can also be item owners and list their rental products on the Releaseit website. There are over 50 Rental Businesses on our platform, including various Australian rental companies from GlamCorner to Your Secret Closet, Taxibox to Jucy, Glamhub to Snaffle. By utilising Releaseit, Rental Businesses have the opportunity to expand their customer base with an alternative way for Australian consumers to access their products. 

If an item seeker decides to rent a product from a Rental Business on our platform, the item seeker will be redirected to that business’s external website. If this happens to you, you are in safe hands! 

The critical thing to remember here is that these transactions will be completed through the external rental businesses’ website. Meaning you will have to follow the selected businesses’ terms and conditions concerning the rental (NOT Releaseits’). 

Important note for Item Seekers

On the Releaseit website, there is a clear distinction between Releaseit Community listings and Rental Business listings, indicated by the profile picture on the rental item. 

Rental Business items will feature their business logo, while Releaseit Community listings will either have a personalised profile picture or their initials will be displayed instead. 

When an item seeker rents from someone within the Releaseit Community, the transaction will be completed on our platform and following our terms and conditions. Easy as! 

The Releaseit Community rentals are predominantly localised and entail renting from others within your close community. Of course, you are entitled to travel as far as you would like to rent an item. However, it is recommended to keep it local to ensure the rental process is as easy and straightforward as possible for item owners and item seekers

Get listing with Releaseit!

The Releaseit platform offers a no-hassle side hustle opportunity for individuals who want to list household items as a part of the Releaseit Community, alongside existing Rental Businesses wanting to reach further Aussie consumers with their rental items. Why wait? Get listing today and start earning some serious coin!